Obesity experts say that if we have controls on alcohol and tobacco, we should have them on sugary drinks too.

A new network should help improve medical outcomes in Queensland.

Google is looking to hire Australia's best and brightest hackers.

Australian engineers are working on a way to manipulate liquid metal to build circuits just a few atoms thick.

A new idea could bring nuclear fusion power even closer.

Another SpaceX Falcon rocket is on its way to the International Space Station.

Trials of a new malaria vaccine have had some stunning results, granting 100 per cent protection for months.

It is slow going at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, where high levels of radiation continue to hamper efforts.

Experts say taxing bad food could bring in billions and extend the average Australian lifespan.

It appears facts are not enough to spread scientific truth.

Industrial chemicals have made their way to the Earth’s deepest ocean trenches.

Scientists have captured the very early stages of a supernova; the violent explosion of a star in a nearby galaxy.

Health experts say the lack of a strong approach to the Australian obesity epidemic is ‘unacceptable’.

Australian researchers have used a laser to visualise helium atoms trapped within individual mineral grains.

An Adelaide company is using a CSIRO design to create the next generation of battery technology.

Australia has lost one of its greatest contributors to public health ...

In a shock discovery, researchers have found kids who enjoy maths are better at it.

A new survey shows an increasing number of people think Australia is a racist country.

We are moving into an age where many people will live virtual lives, but little is known about the potential health effects.

Queensland researchers have discovered key details on how aggressive melanomas spread.

Engineers have unveiled a strange new device that can harvest electricity from inside the body.

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