Scientists have found what appears to be the earliest confirmed animal in the geological record.

Experts want to ban the sale of caffeinated energy drinks to children and young people.

A school scheme in WA is pairing disadvantaged student with members of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO).

Scientists have been urged to be more open with the public about how and why lab-animals are used.

US researchers have helped mice beat their cocaine addictions using gene therapy.

Australian researchers have come up with a metal strip that can remove impurities like dyes and heavy metals from water.

A major Australian trial suggests taking a daily dose of aspirin does not lower the risk of death, disability or cardiovascular disease.

Experts say politics are putting marine species at risk.

Australian engineers have come up with a new photonic chip to process quantum information.

Men in the Australia/NZ region have a 1 in 2 chance of getting some sort of cancer in their lifetimes, according to the WHO.

Queensland wants to become a leader in Australia's space race.

The Australian Academy of Science wants input on a national plan to get more women in STEM fields.

Researchers have used sound waves to create a bubble from a drop of water.

Engineers will soon deploy a rubbish-collection device for the giant rubbish patch in the Pacific Ocean.

Authorities are using satellites to keep track of river flows in the northern Murray–Darling Basin in a bid to guard against water theft.

A new study has assessed how attractive men find a women's body odour.

A UK doctor is out to bust the myth that drinking milk creates more phlegm.

Evidence of ancient cheese has pushed back the origin date for the delicious snack.

New research could show why so many older drivers crash at roundabouts.

A new robot can use bat-like echolocation to navigate its surroundings.

CSIRO has joined with law and tech firms to create blockchain-based legal contracts.

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