The Federal Government says $326 million will pay for 12,000 new places at Australian universities.

Charles Darwin University (CDU) has revealed plans to cut 5 per cent of its workforce.

Queensland researchers have found evidence of a patchwork of salty lakes below the surface of Mars.

The Prime Minister says global efforts to increase biodiversity are inconsistent with Australia’s policies.

Australian researchers will be tracking turtles from space to better manage their environment around a busy port.

Chinese engineers have come up with a device that can gather energy from the breeze made by a person walking.

CSIRO has achieved a world first – mapping the potential for natural forest regrowth to capture carbon.

Paradox-free time travel is theoretically possible, according to the mathematical modelling of a prodigious student.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has declared that La Niña is here.

Researchers have collected important data from the mass stranding of whales in Tasmania.

Some of Australia’s top economists have backed boosts to JobSeeker and social housing over tax cuts.

E-cigarettes may soon be available on prescription.

Australian researchers have created a first-in-class antibody designed to prevent clotting.

Engineers are working on the first fully-recyclable wind turbine blades.

Experts say food-focused phone apps can help families make healthier choices.

Obesity has been linked to reduced brain ‘plasticity’ – the ability to form new mental pathways.

Reports say a federal agency has attempted to calm universities’ concerns about foreign veto plans.

University staff have criticised NSW Police for being “undemocratic” and suppressing freedom of speech.

Reports say university funding could be brought forwards ...

The Federal Government has laid out its plan for reducing carbon emissions, funnelling investment to ...

Experts say turtles could play a critical role in 'fish kill' clean-ups and the European carp cull.

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