Australian research engineers are working on a new engine for space launches.

The Prime Minister is in Melbourne spruiking health funding this week.

European ancestry is vastly overrepresented in genomics research, and it could have serious consequences for science and medicine.

Chinese scientists have developed a process for converting plant waste into aviation fuel.

A new device could provide an environmentally friendly, cost-effective method of sterilising water.

A new aquifer project could be crucial for water management in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Popular health apps could have some major security flaws.

Scientists want volunteers to help unlock the secrets of the Universe.

A new study suggests gods of morality did not lead to advanced societies, rather, it was the other way around.

Planetary scientists are being overwhelmed this week with new data on two different asteroids.

Scientists say the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) could be downplaying global threats.

Researchers have used Hepatitis B to model ancient human population movements into Australia.

An old Toyota car plant in Victoria is being turned into a renewable energy hub to produce hydrogen fuels.

Australian researchers have overcome a fundamental hurdle to building quantum computers in silicon.

A new study has slammed Bitcoin mining technology for its large environmental costs.

Researchers are working on an artificial womb that could one day save the lives of extremely premature babies.

Scientists and ethicists from seven countries have called for a global moratorium on human genome editing.

One expert is questioning the barriers to tech innovation in healthcare.

Australian researchers have made it possible to do genomic analysis on a phone.

Dementia rates are declining among older Australians in home and long-term care.

Research suggests dietary changes may have allowed human speech to advance.

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