CSIRO says a battery recycling industry could tackle Australia’s annual 3,300 tonnes of lithium-ion battery waste.

An oceanographer has proposed using geoengineering to increase cloud cover on the Great Barrier Reef.

Australian scientists have made a new step towards quantum computing.

Researchers have analysed millions of Medicare claims to gain insights into Australian general practice.

A new report finds forests act as a buffer against water crises.

Scientists at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have created floating probes that can measure flood water.

South Australia wants the former Royal Adelaide Hospital site to house the nation's new space agency.

Australia is trailing the rest of the developed world in research funding, the major university lobby says.

The head of UNSW has laid out his vision for the future of Australian universities.

Experts say Australia’s ecosystems are at a ‘tipping point’ ...

A trial in the UK has tested a new way to deliver chemotherapy driven by ultrasound.

One in three fish caught worldwide never make it to a plate, according to new UN stats.

The Federal Government is considering making Australian universities prioritise science and maths in teaching degrees.

Australian scientists have discovered the oldest colours in the geological record.

The shutdown of Australia’s only nuclear medicine generator could endanger patients in rural and regional areas.

CSIRO scientists have created a device that can identify and sort copper ore.

Scientists say electricity could help spiders take flight.

The Murray-Darling basin is mentioned in a new United Nations report about global water issues.

An international team has used artificial photosynthesis to split water into hydrogen and oxygen at near zero gravity.

A new centre has been set up to focus on biosecurity across Northern Australia’s prawn aquaculture industry.

Sick and injured sea turtles will stand a better prospect of recovery after upgrades at Charles Darwin University’s turtle rehab centre.

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