Analysts say many of the major criticisms of NAPLAN are not borne out by evidence.

NSW is running a trial that gives parents in regional and rural areas access to specialised support services for severe behavioural problems in young children.

Upgrades at CSIRO’s Parkes radio telescope will let astronomers ‘hear’ a wider range of objects in space.

Scientists have taken memories from one sea snail and injected them into another.

Scientists have built a computer system modelled on the human brain, which learned to navigate like a mammal.

A global army of video-gamers has helped test the laws of quantum physics.

Over a quarter of FIFO workers from have reported high or very high psychological distress ...

Swiss researchers say they improved the method for training brain-computer interfaces.

The new the Australian Space Agency is launching this week.

The Federal Budget has made the school chaplains program permanent.

This week’s federal Budget includes a range of funding for universities and research infrastructure.

NASA has launched a robotic geologist on its way to Mars.

Researchers have grown cell clusters that resemble early embryos from stem cells.

CSIRO has released an app to remind people to eat their vegetables.

Experts say CO2 emissions could make it too warm for species living in marine protected areas (MPAs).

Experts say mass carp culling could have a major impact on native flora and fauna.

Advocates say an alarming number of children are going to emergency departments due to a mental health crisis.

Researchers have shed light on the genetic basis of crippling migraines.

Women who eat less fruit and more fast food could take longer to get pregnant and are less likely to conceive within a year.

A common ingredient in fertiliser appears to share some characteristics with mysterious ‘time crystals’.

The Federal Government is providing a $50 million boost to Australia's budding space industry.

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