Australian cybersecurity researchers have reported on serious bugs at the heart of millions of modern PCs.

Harvard engineers have created a single lens that can focus the entire visible spectrum of light — including white light — in the same spot and in high resolution.

Experts say we need alternatives to antibiotics to allow them to remain useful in fighting more serious ones.

Scientists in the US and China have successfully restored hearing in a mouse model of human genetic deafness.

The Federal Government has announced a funding freeze for universities aimed at saving over $2 billion.

The Federal Government has been accused of shifting the goalposts with the release of new annual emissions projections.

The Federal Government has announced $70 million will be spent to replace Australia’s highest performance research supercomputer, Raijin.

Australian researchers say they have found a molecular ‘blueprint’ for the immune system’s ability to fight disease by ‘remembering’ infections.

New research suggests the ill-effects of the Industrial Revolution are still being felt 200 years later.

ANU has released 18 terabytes of imagery from its SkyMapper telescope.

The Federal Government is having a tough time convincing the states to adopt a Year 1 phonics test.

Australian experts have programmed 20 years’ worth of research into a virtual reality recreation of an ancient Cypriot theatre.

Scientists have proven the existence of a form of matter first theorised over 50 years ago.

Scientists have discovered a species of marsupial lion in that has been extinct for at least 19 million years.

Australian scientists have used data collected by satellites to explain seafloor biodiversity.

Engineers in the US have created an entirely textile-based, bacteria-powered bio-battery.

Researchers have unveiled a new ‘double-glazing’ solar power window unlike any existing solar panel.

New research shows having an internal monologue could be fundamentally the same as speaking thoughts out loud.

QUT is using blockchain technology to fight food fraud.

Australian experts will use a new research hub to help graphene leave the lab.

Research has identified a cycle in which children who sleep badly are more likely to act out, and acting out means they are more likely to sleep badly.

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