The Federal Government wants to expand the Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s investment remit ...

Australia has ranked last among nations in the latest Climate Change Performance Index.

Experts are working on a way to disinfect hip replacements after they have been implanted.

Swiss engineers say they can create aviation fuel out of thin air.

A parliamentary inquiry has heard that ecologists’ concerns with Warragamba dam plans have been whitewashed.

The Morrison Government has made a bold u-turn in its stance on electric vehicles (EVs).

Global greenhouse gas emissions are almost back to pre-pandemic levels.

Experts are urging caution in the decision to vaccinate children under 12 years of age against COVID-19.

Youth mental health responses need a major boost, according to new figures.

Experts have assessed how far droplets of toilet water can fly from a flushed toilet with the lid up.

Stats show the HPV vaccine has reduced cervical cancer rates by 87 per cent.

CSIRO has provided new insights into the future supply and demand of metals critical for the renewable energy revolution.

NSW is looking to use quantum technology to run its transport network.

A new centre has been created to train a workforce in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

A COVID-19 vaccine pioneer has been awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science.

New research suggests poor sleep may affect kids’ reading skills.

Regulators have allowed South Australian education institutions to collaborate for the return of international students.

IPCC authors have expressed doubt that nations can turn around the climate crisis.

What were once considered random dust specks on microscope slides turn out to be our ancient, spineless ancestors.

Experts have discovered new patterns of coral recovery.

Scientists have slammed the NSW Government’s plan to protect Kosciuszko National Park from feral horses.

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