The Communicating with Influence for Public Sector Leaders masterclass is taking place on 22nd, 23rd & 26th February 2021 and will provide you with the tools to communicate a message that counts in moments that matter.

In this half-day seminar, Chief Behavioural Scientist, Dr Dirk Van Rooy and Lauren Rasche from ThinkPlace, will unpack how you can use data to answer policy questions and to evaluate policy.

The Driving Risk-Based Regulation digital conference will bring together regulatory professionals, experts and best practice case studies from a wide range of jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand, who are looking to discuss the challenges and opportunities of risk-based regulation.

Don't miss Bill George as he examines in detail the concept of Authentic Leadership that he created; how you can develop your own authentic leadership style and use it to lead with greater confidence and purpose, build your team’s culture and reach new heights of performance.