The world's aquifers are silently bearing the brunt of climate change and human excess.

In a rhythmical revelation, researchers say that fungi in the soil not only listen but also dance to the vibes of soundwaves.

A recent study advocates for the humble pen against the computer keyboard.

Back-to-back cyclones have raised alarm about potential damage to parts of the Great Barrier Reef.

In a reminder of global perils, the Doomsday Clock remains at 90 seconds to midnight.

Professor Georgina Long and Professor Richard Scolyer have been jointly named the 2024 Australians of the Year.

Korean researchers are improving the efficiency of next-gen solar cells.

Experts have exposed an electricity equity gap in remote Australia.

A protein in the immune system can be manipulated to help overcome bowel cancer, according to new research.

Oxfam has revealed alarming statistics on the burgeoning fortunes of the world's richest ...

Public school financial shortfalls could be widening the achievement gap, new figures show.

A new camera system allows humans to see the world through an animal's eyes.

Being rejected by a potential mate is stressful for male fruit flies, research suggests.

Scientists have uncovered a new threat to a key Australian kelp.

Disadvantaged Queenslanders face higher dental disease risk due to a lack of fluoridated water.

An international research team has created an extensive new catalogue of marine microbes.

A new study looks at the effect of self-service checkouts on customers’ loyalty.

A new study shows workplace air conditioning can cut the health risks posed by bushfire smoke.

Japanese engineers have created a device that spins spider silk.

Researchers are working on ways to build sustainable homes using recycled nappies.

An international study has cast light on the significant health risks associated with prolonged sitting at work.

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