The Australian National University (ANU) expects a $225 million financial shortfall this year.

Central Queensland University (CQU) will cut nearly 100 jobs and seek almost 200 voluntary redundancies to help cover a revenue shortfall.

Astronomers have solved a mystery of ‘missing matter’, which was considered an embarrassment to the field before.

The University of Wollongong (UOW) has rejected a plan aimed at saving jobs.

Western Australia’s universities are counting the cost of COVID-19.

Scientists say climate change in the deep oceans could be seven times faster by middle of century.

Australia could be heading into a new ‘pyrocene’ fire age.

Scientists have synthesised an anti-inflammatory tick spit protein for the first time.

A new batch of Australia’s top scientists have been elected as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science.

An international research team has created an artificial eye which mimics the shape and composition of the human retina.

Experts say they may have found Australia's first transmission of the drug-resistant Candida auris fungus.

Next-generation perovskite solar cells have passed strict international tests.

Australia’s elite universities have proposed “secure corridor” rules for the return of international students.

The impact of COVID-19 on international student numbers will be felt for years, experts say.

Scientists have successfully produced coral that is more resistant to increased seawater temperatures.

A new study has found each roaming pet cat kills 110 native animals per year on average.

Australian researchers have developed a self-repairing rubber made entirely from waste materials.

A fight has broken out over funding for monitoring the rehabilitation of a uranium mine.

Australian researchers are working on photonic chips that have huge potential for the future of computers and telecommunications.

Researchers are working on new prosthetics that restore sight by delivering visual information directly to the brain.

The ‘extra-medical’ use of opioids is costing Australia around $15.7 billion and causing more than 2200 deaths a year.

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