Research suggests the biological warfare being waged on carp will not cross over into humans.

The former chair of the USA’s largest chemical company has donated $13.5 million to ...

Australian scientists have confirmed two of the world’s major pest species have merged ...

A defence think tank says Australia’s cyber-weaponry could be improved by sharing more data with the private sector.

New research shows healthy older people can generate just as many new brain cells as younger people.

Wearable ‘smart socks’ are allowing physiotherapists to conduct detailed consultations over the internet.

A new report says an Australian biofuel industry could create thousands of direct jobs and generate billions in revenue each year.

Researchers are training facial-recognition technology to spot intellectual disabilities.

Researchers are recreating the underwater geolocation abilities of the mantis shrimp.

A new review has found doctors should consider recommending e-cigarettes for patients who repeatedly fail to stop smoking tobacco.

Leading AI researchers have announced a boycott of South Korea's top university over claims it is building killer robots.

Australian researchers have developed new technology to deliver vaccines for more cheaply and efficiently.

A new study suggests education levels can have long generational effects.

A review commissioned by the Tasmania University Union (TUU) has recommended it shut itself down.

Researchers using drones to observe southern right whales have for the first time revealed the high cost on the mother of giving birth and raising a young calf.

Researchers have spotted two ‘twinkling’ stars in galaxies billions of light years away - much further away than we can usually see.

Research predicts food production issues, water scarcity, and economic losses if the Paris goals cannot be reached.

Engineers have created a new water purification device that uses sunlight and ‘hydrogels’.

Australian scientists are calling for big improvements in local brain science and the development of neuro-technologies.

Researchers have identified a new human organ – the interstitium.

Australian scientists have overcome a key challenge in bringing quantum speed computing closer to reality.

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