SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy - the world’s most powerful space rocket – has lifted off on its first deep-space voyage.

Scientists are warning that microplastics in our oceans are posing a significant risk to filter-feeding marine animals like manta rays and whale sharks.

The ozone layer above Antarctica is mending, but ozone levels are actually dropping in the lower stratosphere.

The discovery of a 100-million-year-old spider species has split researchers.

An important genetic patent for cattle breeding has been tied up in legal action.

Researchers are working on a new wireless power source that uses triboelectricity - a green energy source.

New analysis predicts that 50 per cent of miners will be replaced by robots by 2020.

Australian physicists have made a theoretical breakthrough that could allow for enormous efficiency gains in quantum computing.

A new survey suggests that while terrifying, cage-diving with sharks can improve peoples’ view of conservation.

Experts suggest botox should be available through the PBS.

Australian tech experts will play a major role in measuring the current expansion rate of the Universe with one per cent precision.

Australian researchers are making it easier to look inside cells.

Researchers are working on a way to spot Alzheimer’s with a blood test.

A new report has identified serious gaps in the NDIS for people living with mental illness.

Australian researchers say around half of patients suffering from major spinal cord injuries could still have some nerve connections intact.

A new study says a main component of fertiliser is reaching dangerously high levels in freshwater basins.

Scientists have successfully unravelled the entire genetic map of a human using a pocket-sized device.

Researchers are receiving data from a giant network of acoustic sensors to find out how climate change might affect sea animal behaviour.

The German government has slammed tests that involve humans and monkeys being made to inhale diesel exhaust fumes.

The Federal Government wants Australia to become one of the world’s largest arms exporters.

An overlooked antibiotic first developed decades ago could help in the fight against superbugs.

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