Experts have taken a deep dive into the scientific and social impacts of droughts; past, present and future.

Experts are looking at ways to store energy in the twisted threads of diamond.

Australian engineers are working on windows that can generate electricity.

Experts say abnormal brain stem activity might explain some of the attention issues seen in autism.

The Federal Government is attempting to calm privacy fears over its new contact tracing app.

Australian experts have found new evidence that ultrasound can help in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease.

A new study suggests meeting the Paris Agreement goals would benefit the world's economy in the long-term.

An ambitious $150 million research and development program has been announced for the Great Barrier Reef.

The Education Minister says a higher education relief package is “unashamedly” focused on domestic students.

For people locked down around Australia, there may be some lessons to learn from submariners.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor is backing renewable energy sources as a way to drive a new hydrogen industry.

A new study finds coastal rivers, lakes and lagoons in NSW are warming twice as fast as the ocean.

A new study has examined the propagation of energy as sound waves in a quantum gas.

A new study shows how crown of thorns starfish lie in wait as algae-eating young before attacking coral.

The discovery of the oldest known piece of string shows Neanderthals were even more advanced than once believed.

Research suggests the carbon-capturing abilities of some forests may not be as expected.

A literal “trick of the light” has been used to detect imperfections in next-gen solar cells.

New developments mean the world may soon see all-solid-state battery technology.

Apple and Google are working to build contact tracing technology into their operating systems.

A new study finds that the closer animals get to humans, the more diseases they spread.

Authorities around the world are looking for technological means to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

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