Local researchers have looked at whale population recovery times since the era when many were hunted almost to extinction.

Water scientists say millions of litres of toxic water is escaping from a derelict coal mine into Sydney's drinking water catchment.

Australian researchers have removed a major stumbling block preventing zinc-air batteries from overtaking lithium-ion.

Australian clinicians want a serious focus on the problems of overdiagnosis and related overtreatment.

ANU scientists are solving the mysteries of how life as we know it first emerged.

Not doing climate science is costing the government millions.

A new report says there is very little investigation or even recognition of the seriousness of wildlife crime.

Evidence of the harmful effect of pesticides on bees continues to grow.

Australian scientists have completed a $20 million survey of the Great Australian Bight, uncovering new aquatic species and oil reserves.

Environmentalists say Australian power stations produce levels of toxic air pollution that would be illegal in ...

Engineers have come up with a nano-tech way to purify vast volumes of water.

University of Queensland scientists have discovered that new brain cells can be produced in the adult amygdala, a region of the brain important for processing emotional memories.

Experts say there is enough space in the open ocean for a massive expansion of marine aquaculture.

A review of the world’s river systems suggests rural areas are drying up while urban centres face higher flood risks.

Engineers have created a new super material by combining spider silk with nanotubes.

The world faces two massive global challenges – food and energy security – which could be solved by farming.

Researchers have created bendable batteries for implanting in the body.

Stanford University engineers are working on dynamic windows that can switch from transparent to opaque or back again in under a minute.

Australian research has found USB connections to be vulnerable to information ‘leakage’, making them even less secure than previously thought.

Engraved human bones unearthed in the UK may have been engraved as part of a cannibalistic ritual during the Palaeolithic period, research shows.

A new study says teachers are struggling to deal with primary schoolers who exhibit inappropriate sexual behaviour.

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