Experts say smarter and more targeted approaches to eating disorders are needed.

Universities Australia has apologised following the results of a nationwide survey on sexual assault.

Over a third of the COVID-19 researchers in a recent survey never experienced harassment until the pandemic began.

Local researchers are looking at ways to remove toxins from polluted waterways and improve infiltration at urban wetlands.

Researchers say ‘invisible’ groundwater makes an annual contribution to GDP of more than $6.8 billion a year.

Scientists have issued a clear warning as UN experts inspect the Great Barrier Reef.

Researchers are working on a new type of fabric that can ‘hear’.

A toxic chemical linked to mass fish deaths has been found in an Australian waterway for the first time.

The bacteria-shredding wings of insects have inspired new antibacterial packaging.

UNSW research suggests coffee could replace coal in steelmaking.

Australia’s blood supply faces challenges, as fewer first time donors have negative blood types.

New research shows negativity on social media rose dramatically in Australia at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australian researchers have helped develop advanced microelectronics that are resistant to harsh radiation in space.

A new study suggests a fourth dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine may have only marginal benefits for the young and healthy.

Australian experts have made a key finding in the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

CSIRO says Australia could save over $200 million in transport costs per year by using inland rail.

The Federal Government says it is enforcing “the world’s strongest laws” to combat commercial cheating...

Scientists have discovered a microscopic ocean predator that appears to have a taste for carbon capture.

A new ‘smart coating’ is being developed that can remove mercury from water while also protecting the inside of pipes.

Scientists have developed an immune system on a chip.

Researchers have completed a world-first mapping of the Australian tiger prawn genome.

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