The UN is sending scientists to visit the Great Barrier Reef as a coral bleaching risk rises.

Australian researchers are working on ways to improve the passage of high-tech nano-particles through the body.

Hoverfly brains have been mapped to detect the sound of distant drones.

Swedish scientists say spider silk can stabilise a cancer-suppressing protein.

Research shows ‘gay conversion’ practices can cause significant harms.

Federal funding has been opened up for innovative hydrogen fuel projects.

Experts say that leukaemia survival rates are improving, but more needs to be done.

New research shows shift work outside the 9-5 can have a big impact on the brain.

Scientists have come up with a new way to clean solar panels without using water.

New research supports a universal approach to accessible facilities, course delivery, and disability awareness at universities.

Australian researchers have received neuromorphic data from space after installing bio-inspired cameras on the International Space Station (ISS).

Researchers have again called for an end to politicians’ veto power over research grants.

Research shows schools can break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage, but many do not.

Kids who get a concussion may be more likely to develop mental health issues.

Scientists have identified changes to the human brain following SARS-CoV-2 infection, including in areas associated with smell and memory.

CSIRO is helping Indonesia to tackle plastic pollution in the Indo-Pacific.

It has been a year since scientists called for the pardoning of a person they consider to have been wrongly found guilty of murder.

The Australian government pushed to soften the wording of the latest IPCC report to say the Great Barrier Reef is not yet in crisis.

A study of tree rings and other data suggests NT water allocations may be too generous.

Researchers say they can now decode pigs’ emotions using their grunts.

Researchers predict that the next 20 years will bring big swings in La Niña and El Niño rainfall.

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