The Grattan institute has proposed a ‘master teacher’ position be created to improve teaching across schools.

Melting ice from Antarctica could add up to half a metre to sea level rise this century.

A Townsville scientist is investigating ways to produce corals for restoring and maintaining healthy reefs.

Queensland researchers are working on solar power technology that can be used as a flexible ‘skin’ over hard surfaces.

Australian researchers have been offered $2 million in federal funds for COVID-19 research.

Chinese scientists have transmitted information between two entangled clouds of atoms 50 kilometres apart.

Engineers have solved a key flaw in solar panels after 40 years of research.

New research has revealed what appears to be a ‘switch’ that controls consciousness in the brain.

The latest Closing the Gap report shows that by most socio-economic measures, Indigenous Australians are still behind ...

Parts of the ocean off the Tasman Peninsula are warming at a faster rate than the global average, pushing ecosystems to the brink.

Quantum engineers have created artificial atoms to improve the stability of quantum computing.

Australian researchers have created a new material that can reduce CO2 emissions from crude oil refinement.

Expert agencies have decided to assign a new name to the novel coronavirus: Covid-19.

Researchers have discovered that diamond - prized for its exceptional hardness - can be bent and deformed.

Experts have published a new list of the genetic 'fingerprints' behind cancer drivers.

CSIRO has found a way to pull carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere and put it into beer.

A new report says epilepsy will cost Australia's economy about $12.3 billion in 2019/20.

Australian experts are working on a new way to spot melanoma cells circulating in the blood.

Australian authorities have approved one part of Elon Musk’s plan to provide a new satellite internet services.

Former foreign minister Julie Bishop has made a low-key entrance to her new role as ANU's first female chancellor.

Great Barrier Reef water pollution could threaten rare dolphin populations.

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