The Federal Government wants to pay companies to test space equipment in Australia.

A new robot is monitoring environmental water quality in Queensland.

Research suggests teaching circus skills can deliver significant mental health benefits for Australian children.

A new report warns climate change is a major threat to Australia’s financial stability, and poses substantial systemic economic risks.

Australian scientists have produced a 400-year long record of El Niño events that many thought was impossible to obtain.

A new assessment of global biodiversity paints a gloomy picture of the accelerating decline of life on Earth.

Reports this week show academics in despair over international students struggling to pass courses.

Unsealed rainwater tanks have been linked to Dengue outbreaks.

The Queensland Government has rejected Adani’s plan to protect an endangered bird.

Australian engineers have come up with a way to use a diamond nanoparticle as a thermometer.

The Bureau of Meteorology is working to revolutionise weather forecasting in WA.

A 160,000-year-old jawbone found in a Tibetan cave shows one of our ancestors travelled much further than we thought.

Research suggests drug detection dogs increase the risk of unsafe drug practices.

Australia’s media union says journalists are being hampered by defamation laws, suppression orders and national security laws.

A new technique could see normal optical fibre technology used to produce microscopic 3D images.

CSIRO scientists are trying to find exactly which species of blue-green algae caused the mass fish deaths in outback NSW this summer.

Australian astronomers have spotted swirling jets coming from a black hole in a “feeding frenzy”.

An exciting new discovery suggests that treatment resistance to a commonly used brain cancer drug can be reversed.

It appears that caffeine can help solar cells more efficiently convert light to electricity.

The national youth mental health service Headspace has been dubbed a “waste of time”, amid calls for more support.

Experts say free flu vaccines are working, but there is room for improvement.

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