The Defence Department wants to recruit Australia’s top new mathematicians.

A Brisbane private girls school has set up its own observatory.

Australian scientists have created a new wound-sealing glue.

Unions say there has been a lack of transparency over an audit into Tasmania's largest vocational education and training provider.

Research says global methane emissions from agriculture are larger than previously estimated.

Research suggests regular exercise of any intensity can prevent future depression.

Australian researchers have uncovered new details on the major magmatic pulses beneath the planet’s surface ...

Three physicists have won a Nobel Prize for the discovery of ripples in space-time known as gravitational waves.

An Australian health expert says smoking should be banned entirely, replacing cigarettes with superior alternatives.

An oceanographer has warned key infrastructure near Perth's Swan River could be permanently flooded by 2100.

Over 280 marine species from coastal waters around Japan have hitched a ride on the 2011 Japanese tsunami.

South Australian nanosatellite maker Inovor Technologies has been granted almost half a million dollars and linked with the largest private space company in Italy.

Australian researchers have led a program to design a fibre-optic gas sensor with unprecedented sensitivity.

CSIRO has bought time on one of the world’s most sophisticated satellites.

A leading education expert says too many teachers are “allowed to make it up” as they go.

New research suggests a majority of autism risk is genetic.

Researchers are working on new devices to help diabetic millennials monitor their blood glucose.

Engineers are working on ways to harvest energy from evaporating water.

150 million years have been added to the timeline of life on Earth.

Releasing fish and prawns from aquaculture into the ocean may not help much.

New technological interventions are needed to protect coral reefs from increased climate variability.

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