Australian engineers are testing new sodium-ion batteries for renewable energy storage.

New analysis suggests the location of a school is more important than whether it is public or private.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has responded to claims it was damaging its forecasting.

Basic lifeforms have the potential to survive on Mars thanks to briny waters, US researchers say.

Researchers are using the life cycle of sulphur to predict the location of valuable minerals.

Australian engineers are developing a low cost, easy to use cancer detector, designed to be attached to a smart phone.

Artificial intelligence has improved on human-designed quantum science experiments.

Successful human trials have given hope for the next stage in the development of a new malaria vaccine.

An Australian-led trial has found that adding a new drug to two existing treatments significantly improved the lung function of patients with cystic fibrosis.

Cisco has contradicted Peter Dutton’s claims that the government’s decryption bill will not result in “back doors” in their products.

Flinders University academics are facing job uncertainty due to a restructure.

Australia's entire fleet of F-35s have been grounded following a crash.

Agricultural waste can be used to rapidly filter lead from wastewater, new research suggests.

New imaging and modelling technologies are transforming the field of plant science.

A report on a controversial $444 million reef funding injection has been delayed.

Experts say the tsunami threat to Sydney demands increased awareness.

Engineers are working on new gloves that let users touch, grasp and manipulate virtual objects.

The Federal Government has issued a national apology after decades of “agony and pain” from vaginal mesh implants.

Researchers have produced healthy mice with two mothers.

A new study by Australian researchers challenges conventional wisdom about the causes of diabetes.

ARENA will partner with Monash University for a microgrid trial that could see an entire campus powered by renewable energy.

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