CSIRO has announced $50 million in new investments towards growing national issues.

Australia’s first consensus statement on the management of type 2 diabetes in young adults has been released.

Experts have created a new device that should improve future electronics.

New COVID-19 Omicron subvariants have been found in Australia for the first time.

Stroke appears to cut life expectancy by one third.

Expert groups have welcomed funding they say will supercharge Australia’s global sci-tech profile.

Experts say that strict adherence to the COP26 climate goals should keep global warming to 2℃.

A new study suggests peers can help cut juvenile re-offending.

New mapping has revealed rapid changes to the Arctic seafloor as ancient permafrost thaws.

Queensland researchers have shown that teleportation can be used to avoid loss in quantum communication channels.

Animal exoskeletons are being modelled to develop new construction materials.

Australian researchers have revealed crucial details on how to switch off genes.

Some new findings have been made on the genetic causes of Alzheimer's and other dementias.

Regular blood and plasma donations appear to reduce PFAS levels in the blood.

Experiments on two opposing theories of language processing suggest both could be true.

A parliamentary committee has called for more transparency on universities’ Confucius Institutes.

A new study shows the Black Summer bushfires caused extreme changes to the chemistry of the stratosphere.

A retiring Liberal MP has called for bipartisan support of the National Archives.

A new, robotic ‘e-nose’ can sniff out important differences between types of whiskey.

New research suggests illegal fishing and labour abuse on boats is more common than previously thought.

Experts say ocean conservation should be assessed in three dimensions.

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