Australian water-sensing technology is now in orbit.

If something goes wrong with a mouse limb during development, placenta slows the growth of the rest to keep them even.

University of Melbourne scientists have set a world record in simulating quantum power on a classical computer.

A scientist has accused the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) of “interfering” with his work.

Australian engineers have developed a faster and more accurate way for robots to grasp objects.

Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) has launched a free e-learning portal to educate healthcare professionals.

The Queensland Government will use $100 million from a new waste levy to help turn waste into energy.

New research has uncovered why individuals with schizophrenia may have difficulties perceiving emotions.

CSIRO wants all Australians to join its new energy research project.

A new research project will focus on what to do with the first clinical cases in future pandemics.

A review of nearly 2,000 coral reefs has found that marine reserves struggle, but are much better than no protection at all.

A common ingredient in toothpaste and handwash could be contributing to antibiotic resistance, experts say.

Queensland researchers have been mixing waste from essential oil production with fuel, and found they can still achieve similar performance.

Australia is on track to eliminate hepatitis C by 2030.

Researchers in Adelaide are working on a way to test for a wide range of foetal genetic abnormalities in early pregnancy.

Experts say senior, influential and experienced doctors must lead action to protect their younger colleagues from debilitating burnout.

The approval of a solar farm on prime agricultural land in Queensland has left some locals “extremely disappointed”.

Academics at James Cook University (JCU) are reportedly avoiding using their staff emails after the the sacking of climate change skeptic Peter Ridd.

An Australian expert has outlined a vision for healthcare of the future.

A new project could put Perth at the front of a global push to decode the human immune system.

Australian researchers have created a laser that can “smell” different gases.

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