A new report looks at the challenges for safety and workers’ compensation from new technologies and ways of working.

A British man’s ‘super-gonorrhoea’ has been cured, but two more cases have popped up in Australia.

Twiggy Forrest has launched a universal database for cancer patients to share their medical records.

The Queensland Government is keeping facial recognition software installed for the Commonwealth Games in place, but will not say when it will be used.

A CSIRO firm has secured funding for its advanced video telehealth platform.

Engineers have made a new oil spill sponge out of common waste products.

Research shows that without further interventions, the gender gap in STEMM is very likely to persist for generations.

Decades of data shows marine heatwaves have increased in number, length and intensity as a result of warming oceans.

The University of Queensland is looking into claims that its researchers have promoted an alleged cult ...

Research suggests baby fish will find it increasingly difficult to reach secure shelters in future oceans.

NASA is launching a new planet-hunting probe on the back of a SpaceX rocket this week.

Researchers have recreated the searing experience of a bushfire from the safety of a virtual reality headset.

A pilot 'clean energy' project in Victoria will use brown coal to make hydrogen.

A $200 million Digital Health CRC has been launched to improve the use of data in the health system.

Experts have created a new outlet to access up-to-date satellite data at the click of a button.

Australia is joining a global initiative tracking progress on health and climate change.

Queensland health services have been granted over $6 million to help close the gaps between medical research and the delivery of healthcare.

Academics have started working on guidelines for war in outer space.

Australian engineers have invented a tiny fibre-optic probe that can measure temperature and see deep inside the body.

A new report claims the NAPLAN writing test is flawed and could harm students’ writing.

International education contributed a record $32.2 billion to the Australian economy in 2017, the latest trade figures reveal.

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