Analysis of more than one million satellite images suggest 4,000 square kilometres of tidal wetlands have been lost globally over 20 years.

Water could be key to the next generation of solar cells.

Researchers have come up with a better way to remove mercury from the environment.

A new study has looked at the decline of antibodies following infection with the COVID Omicron strain.

Australian researchers have discovered a key aspect of natural cell death.

The EU is imposing tougher cyber security rules for energy facilities and other key sectors.

New stats suggest one in 150 Australians have retinal scars caused by the Toxoplasma parasite.

Researchers have obtained the first image of the black hole at the centre of our galaxy.

Government funding is fast-tracking development of a new technology to precisely image aggressive brain cancers and guide treatment.

German research suggests the seasonal flu might be a direct descendant of the 1918 ‘Spanish flu’.

New and updated recommendations for stroke management have been published.

New tsunami sensors could warn of looming threats before seismic waves even arrive.

Experts have run a survey on the contentious issue of what older people think about voluntary assisted death (VAD), regardless of any health condition.

Australian researchers say they have re-discovered a ‘lost’ species of coral.

Biologists in the US are studying low-cost ways to improve water quality and wildlife habitat in urban creeks.

A local space firm has received millions in funding from the federal government.

Government agricultural research jobs in NSW could be on the chopping block.

Theoretical physicists say superconductors can carry magnetic information to much longer distances than can conventional metals.

Scientists are looking for ways to save one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions.

Researchers are getting excited about the potential of a fungus-like microbe taken from the pristine waters of South Australia.

New modelling suggests most of the world’s ocean is losing its year-to-year memory as a result of global warming.

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