The World Solar Challenge has wrapped up in Adelaide, but the race to real solar transport continues.

The Business Council of Australia wants a serious overhaul of higher education.

The Federal Government has announced new English language requirements for foreign tertiary students.

South Sudan has been named as the world’s wort place for girls to receive an education.

There has been a ten-fold increase in the number of children and adolescents with obesity since 1975.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott says that if the world is getting warmer, it’s a good thing.

A new study has warned of the effects of major climate events on local dolphin populations.

University of Tasmania (UTAS) students are being caught up in industrial action over pay and conditions.

Australian health expenditure topped 10 per cent of GDP for the first time in 2015-16, new data shows.

Three-quarters of honey worldwide contains traces of neonicotinoid pesticide, an international study finds.

Media reports about vaginal mesh lawsuits have scared people off procedures that could improve their health ...

Three experts have received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work on the cryo-electron microscope.

Experts say we need to know more about the effects on children when one of their parents kills the other.

The Defence Department wants to recruit Australia’s top new mathematicians.

A Brisbane private girls school has set up its own observatory.

Australian scientists have created a new wound-sealing glue.

Unions say there has been a lack of transparency over an audit into Tasmania's largest vocational education and training provider.

Research says global methane emissions from agriculture are larger than previously estimated.

Research suggests regular exercise of any intensity can prevent future depression.

Australian researchers have uncovered new details on the major magmatic pulses beneath the planet’s surface ...

Three physicists have won a Nobel Prize for the discovery of ripples in space-time known as gravitational waves.

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