An announcement this week could mark the first time anyone has actually seen a black hole.

People who take exams or write essays on behalf of university students could be jailed under proposed education reforms.

Experts want input on a new AI ethics framework.

The ALP has laid out some plans for health spending if it wins the federal election in May.

A Sydney mathematician has helped solve a decades-old maths riddle.

Experts say Australia has not yet made the systemic changes required to achieve diversity in STEM.

A new study has found countries that help working class students get into university have happier citizens.

Academics who remain after a restructure at Flinders University say they are being seriously overworked.

The Federal Government is paying to fill weather radar blackspots across north Australia.

The Morrison Government has decided to spend its $2 billion “climate solutions fund” over 15 years, not 10.

The Bureau of Meteorology says last March was the warmest on record.

The 2019-20 Federal Budget contains a number of cuts to research programs.

New methods for tracking sewage sludge flows could aid the design of better wastewater treatment plants.

A strange new study has found listening to intense electronic music may help avoid mosquito bites.

India has shot down one of its own satellites.

Australian researchers want to use 3D mapping to identify rare diseases in children.

Experts say medical abortions in Australia are still being affected by a restrictive history.

Experts are celebrating the first production and export of “green hydrogen” from Australia to Japan.

The WA Government has announced a broad-ranging inquiry into the health impacts of climate change.

The Federal Government will spend $44 million to “turbo charge” Australia’s engagement with China.

Australian Academy of Science president Professor John Shine has backed calls for a ban on clinical uses of genetic editing.

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