Researchers have taught artificial intelligence to identify rare genetic syndromes from photos of the face.

Australian researchers have found a new complex carbohydrate in barley - the first of its kind to be discovered in over 30 years.

Researchers are calling for as much information on sawfish as they can gather.

Australian quantum scientists have used single atom technology to build 3D silicon quantum chips.

New investments could bring about the next generation of autonomous vehicle sensing.

Research has found Irish soil thought to have medicinal properties appears to carry superbug-busting potential.

NASA's New Horizons mission has taken detailed images of the most distant object mankind has ever explored — a big rock called Ultima Thule.

Experts hope new investigations into ancient DNA can enable the return of Aboriginal remains to the lands from which they came.

Up to 93 per cent of green turtle hatchlings could be female by 2100, as climate change causes “feminisation” of the species.

Artificial intelligence has revealed a significant loss of crucial intertidal ecosystems.

Researchers have listened to the ‘freshwater orchestra’ of singing fish to study river health.

Australian scientists are working on new solar cell materials to replace silicon.

Experts have issued a range of warnings in a new report on the state of the Australian climate.

More funds have been provided for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dementia.

A search of undersea mountains off Tasmania has uncovered new reefs and dozens of unnamed species.

The Federal Government has announced a cut in funding for research.

Labor says it would create a commonwealth environmental protection agency if it wins next year’s election.

A new study has found shoppers underestimate the carbon cost of their food choices, but they would like to know more.

CSIRO says Adani's water management plan for the proposed Carmichael coal mine is seriously flawed.

Research suggests people who frequently play violent video games are less affected by disturbing images than non-players.

New stats show gay, lesbian and bisexual Australians suffer from poorer health, especially when it comes to emotional health and suffering physical violence.

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