Research suggests a focus on nutrient rich food could reduce agricultural water use.

There is more evidence that the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination does not increase the risk for autism.

Billions of dollars are being wasted in water recovery subsidies for irrigation, a new study says.

Australian engineers have created a breakthrough new form of graphitic material.

An Israeli spacecraft is carrying a copy of human history to be backed up on the Moon.

A flaw has been discovered in the algorithm the ABS uses to protect census data.

An Australian study has found balloons are 32 times more likely to kill seabirds than hard plastics.

Experts have published Australia’s first rehabilitation guidelines to help children who have had a stroke.

Code has been used for the first time to reduce quantum error in logic gates.

Sydney University has launched a new company dedicated to what it says could be a revolutionary new energy storage platform.

A free trade deal between Australia and Indonesia is being signed in Jakarta.

QUT researchers are using drones and infrared to measure koala populations.

The Defence Force is spending over $5 million on studies of artificially intelligent weaponry.

Three staff at a government nuclear facility have been decontaminated after a chemical spill.

Women could earn the same as men in most management roles within the next two decades, a new report shows.

The part of the brain we use to process angry voices is at work in babies as young as six months old, according to international researchers.

Research in the US is giving single-use plastics a second chance.

Australian researchers have used liquid metals to turn carbon dioxide back into solid coal.

A new study has given an amazing insight into the last 7,000 years of Australian climate history.

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is unveiling its secretly-developed new drone.

Australian researchers are working on an improved wastewater system using algae to accelerate the breakdown of effluent.

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