Using futuristic gels and even living cells, 3D-printing of soft body parts is getting closer.

A new study says Australia’s first human inhabitants may have shared their home with giant killer lizards.

The Group of Eight universities are crying out for someone to fix Australia’s “broken” research system.

Scientists have discovered a new species of highly-venomous snake and unsurprisingly, it lives in Australia.

“There is liquid water today on the surface of Mars,” came the announcement overnight from Michael Meyer, the lead scientist on NASA’s Mars exploration programme.

Nanoengineers have unveiled a new type of microscopic motor that runs on enzymes, and could one day help clean the Earth’s oceans.

Engineers are working on a new kind of rubber that does not require vulcanisation and can even repair itself when torn.

The Wilderness Society has questioned a deal that will see energy giant Chevron pay for CSIRO’s research ship Investigator to conduct oil and gas exploration in the Great Australian Bight.

Experts say hot conditions make for more dangerous work.

A new project by software engineers at NASA seeks to cut fuel use by improving operations.

Australian medical researchers have unlocked a central part of the way mitochondria behave.

Exciting results have come from a trial using two existing drugs to fight brain cancer.

The well-publicised hike in the price of an essential medicine this week raises serious issues about the design of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), an intellectual property expert has warned.

The Turnbull Government has hinted that it may scrap the Abbott Government's plan to let universities set their own fees.

The ALP says it wants to encourage brilliant minds to start new companies in Australia.

The Federal Government has launched a 32-page booklet that it says will help prevent radicalisation of young Australian minds.

A new study has again shown the disturbing prevalence of views that excuse violence against women.

The Australians behind vital and exciting research combating conditions like cancer, depression and birth defects will be recognised at a prestigious awards ceremony this week.

The latest Great Barrier Reef marine environment report card says the overall condition of inshore areas is pretty poor.

Increasing severe El Niño and La Niña events will cause more storms that lead to extreme coastal flooding and erosion across the Pacific Ocean, a new study says.

Bio-engineers have a developed a 3D-printed implant that can help regrow damaged nerves.

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