The ANU is crowdsourcing its search for Planet Nine.

French scientists have created computational models to show how people learn about and from others' prudence, impatience and laziness.

Policy experts and academics have held a wide-ranging discussion on Australian schooling policy this week.

US scientists are testing possible solar geoengineering techniques.

A new study has been described as a “clear fingerprint” of human activity influencing climate systems.

The 28-day human menstrual cycle has been mimicked using “organ-on-a-chip” technology.

A technological link between the brain and muscles has allowed a paralysed man to feed himself.

Clear solar windows will be available soon, thanks to WA researchers.

Australian engineers have created a new sensor that can spot cytokines – molecules in and around individual cells.

CSIRO scientists have helped develop a way to measure the real-time energy use of every device in a household.

The National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program has revealed methylamphetamine is growing in prevalence across all regions of Australia.

Scientists have grown blood vessels on spinach leaves.

An education expert says special measures should be taken for university students who are first in their family to attend.

The Federal Government has issued a new National Science Statement ...

A new blood test can determine if a child is on the autism spectrum with 96 per cent accuracy, according to American researchers.

The latest spot-checks have again found bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

Researchers have wound back the clock to see what has happened to the Murray-Darling Basin system over the last 90,000 years.

Scientists have flooded Canberra for this week’s Science Meets Parliament events.

Monash researchers have created an inhalable form of oxytocin ...

Today is a day to reflect and take stock of the most valuable commodity on Earth.

Research engineers are working on the next generation of steel and metal alloys.

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