The Federal Government has provided an excellent opportunity for companies to appear as though they are doing something about their carbon emissions.

New research suggests an old product could give the human brain some new functions.

A new review panel will look at the ways that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates medicines and medical devices.

The Amazon Rainforest – known as the ‘Lungs of the Earth’ – is running out of breath.

Clive Palmer may be the saviour of disgruntled academics, as a rift between university management and staff comes to light.

New Zealand scientists have developed a portable, rapid, DNA testing device for Ebola.

A recent study has shown that men get more prize money than women in 30 per cent of sports.

One of our ancient ancestors has turned ten years old, but a modern expert says we are just starting to find out who it was.

A high-tech and visually-stunning software suite will bring a better look at data.

Australian researchers are seeking a patent on an system that mimics the way feathers help birds detect disturbances in the air.

Defence Minister David Johnston has sent a strong signal that Australia’s next fleet of submarines will not be Australian.

An international research team has unveiled new fibre network technology capable of transferring data at a rate of 255 terabits per second.

An Australian hospital and university are joining forces to see if they can teach an old drug new tricks.

Australian biotech firm CSL is positioning itself as one of the world's biggest flu vaccine businesses, with a partial buy-out of Novartis.

An Australian expert has poked holes in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), following further negotiations over the weekend.

The Vatican is taking a high-tech approach to preserving its massive library.

Social media has emerged as the hip new place for junk food marketing, with a study showing that adolescents are being made to spread the message about unhealthy food.

Physicists at ANU have built a tractor beam that uses a laser to repel and attract objects.

A new paper has described some details of a genome-editing system that is quickly becoming the global standard.

The student who leaked details of the Prime Minister’s daughter’s “secret” scholarship faces up to two years jail.

Evidence of sexual intercourse has been found deep in our ecological history, uncovered by a local palaeontological private eye.

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