Traditional Owners and scientists are meeting to form a First People’s-led response to climate change.

Experts have slammed building regulations that ignore major flood zones.

A global study shows climate change is driving changes in the flow and water volume of rivers worldwide.

Australian authorities have launched a high-tech set of tiny satellites.

Researchers have found a hint of something big in the human fossil record.

The ACCC is taking aim at common yet dangerous devices like quad bikes, button batteries and even falling furniture.

The US Army has funded a new fleet of nanosized, foldable robots.

The RAAF has completed the first test flight of an Australian-designed military drone; the Loyal Wingman.

The NSW Government has named the members of its inaugural AI committee.

International researchers led by Australian experts have generated a model of a human embryo from skin cells.

Researchers are working on new treatments for video game addictions.

Some high-tech research projects have been granted access to Australia’s top supercomputer.

A review has found Australia’s beach safety programs are not being evaluated.

A string of European nations have halted their AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine rollouts over blood clot concerns.

Australia has recorded its wettest and coolest summer in at least five years, but the current conditions are not finished yet.

Researchers have been investigating what happened to all the water on Mars.

Researchers say water hoarding and and speculation are not driving price rises in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Regulators are concerned that people’s choices of browsers, and choice within browsers, is being unfairly limited.

Researchers are finding new ways to use artificial intelligence to help detect disease.

ASIO director-general of security Mike Burgess says the agency knows more than it can say publicly about cyber attacks on local universities.

Hackers have breached security-camera data collected by Silicon Valley startup Verkada Inc.

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