There is concern that “widespread” illegal logging is putting Melbourne’s drinking water at risk.

Emissions of a greenhouse gas considered worse than CO2 are rising faster than previously thought.

A team of ‘underwater gardeners’ is working to stem the decline of an endangered seagrass.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has announced it is changing its name.

Climate change is already damaging the health of the world’s children, and Australia is at significant risk of health decline too.

Sci-fi-style holograms are one step closer, with exciting developments from Japanese researchers.

A building that will house the world's largest tokamak fusion reactor is now complete.

An IT expert says the NSW online voting system is flawed.

A new study reveals how white blood cells control the final moments of their death and their removal from the human body.

Antidepressants polluting waterways could change fish behaviour.

Bushfires on the east coast of Australia may take months to fully extinguish, authorities say.

Healthy mangroves are needed to fight climate change on coral reef fisheries, research suggests.

Experts say Australian national parks are worth about $145 billion in health benefits.

Astronomers have spotted an ultrafast star travelling at 6 million km/h for the last five million years.

A new artificial intelligence (AI) program has gone public, while the Federal Government releases new AI guidelines.

A common method for calculating the lifetime risk of cancer diagnosis and mortality overestimates these risks, a new study says.

The Australia Institute says Norway stands to gain the most from Bight oil.

Researchers in the US have developed a material that bends and moves to face the light, just like sunflowers.

Research finds there is room for improvement for doctors caring for kids with gastro.

Sacred Indigenous artefacts have been returned to traditional owners after almost a century in US museums.

A new spotlight is shining on female STEM researchers at regional universities.

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