Physicists will have to re-adjust their theories, following the discovery of a mind-bogglingly big black hole.

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) has announced it will set up a new education research centre to fight back against state's poor retention rates.

Conservation experts say allowing dingoes into a national park could help reverse the decline of native wildlife.

The University of South Australia wants to spy on your cat.

A recent breakthrough has advanced the chance for two partners of the same sex to have a baby.

Drones, laser scanners, planes and sharp shooters have been put to work in the Tasmanian forest to better understand the environmental effects of forest management regimes.

Millions will be spent tagging sharks and turtles on one of the largest reefs in the world.

Australian teams are getting ready to unveil a raft of new robots.

Engineers at MIT have unveiled a transmitter that may one day let your toaster talk to your car.

The NSA – the US digital spy agency – appears to have broken new ground in its level of computer surveillance.

The humble backyard hose can be a lifesaver in summer, but new research shows it is also loved by the bacteria that cause Legionnaires’ disease.

New studies have shown evidence of drug-resistant malaria across a much larger area than previously thought.

A round-up of studies shows that a baby’s immune system is tuned by early exposure to germs and bugs.

One of Australia’s top scientists has warned that cuts to research funding will put the nation at risk.

New research has identified the parts of the brain used for finding mistakes in other people’s understanding, an important step in the science of teaching.

A naval base in Western Australia will be powered by a world-first energy supply.

A new report shows just how hard is for Australia’s homeless youth.

Current data-storage techniques do not last long enough to preserve information for the ages, so a Swiss team is developing a better way – encoding data in DNA-filled glass spheres.

Tech-savvy snow-lovers will be keen to get their heads into the world’s first intelligent snow sports helmet.

Experts will visit pubs up and down the Murray-Darling system for a distinctly academic pub crawl.

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