A new survey has found half of all truckies are suffering psychological distress.

Green tea and some high-tech materials could make gene therapy more affordable.

An ex-Raytheon engineer has been sentenced to prison for taking technical information to China.

Authorities are fighting to improve a significant drop in cervical cancer screening rates.

A new trial will test small wind turbines for telecommunications.

Charles Darwin University says 77 jobs will be lost in a vocational restructure.

CSIRO scientists have captured rare footage of five Bigfin Squid in the Great Australian Bight ...

Scientists have collected the first fine-scale maps and imagery of reefs and submarine canyons in the rarely visited Arafura Marine Park.

Researchers have developed a neuron-growing ink that uses the body’s electrical signals to guide nerve cells.

A new study claims that even if human-induced greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced to zero, global temperatures may continue to rise for centuries afterwards.

Scientists have peered back hundreds of millions of years to find a genetic link between humans and sponges.

Italian researchers have found some surprising links between the structures of the universe and the human brain.

UNSW engineers have developed a ‘robotic snake’ device that can grip and pick up objects like an elephant’s trunk.

Australian engineers have developed a tractor beam to control where lightning strikes.

Australia is investing in innovative, light-weight new solar panels.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt says a local COVID-19 vaccine is so far proving “safe and effective”, based on phase 1 trials.

Virgin Galactic’s COO will soon head the Australian Space Agency.

The Queensland Government has added ‘hydrogen’ to the name of its energy department.

The State of the Climate 2020 reports shows continued warming and an increase in extreme weather.

An inquiry has called for all Australian students to have access to quality education, no matter where they live.

Swinburne University staff have slammed what they call “excessive” cuts to courses and jobs.

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