Evidence is beginning to show a clear link between diet quality, nutritional deficiencies and mental health.

They may not own their own computers, but learning computer programming may help many Cambodian children find their way to productive future careers.

New research suggests ravens might be haters.

Supercomputers have been brought in to identify how plants survive a changing climate.

Researchers have sent a tiny motor for a spin, fuelled only by the stomach acid of a mouse.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne has signalled that he may negotiate with the Opposition on uni fee deregulation, and claims to have the backing of the man behind HECS.

Australian researchers are going on a voyage to look at top predators in the Antarctic.

A new study has identified a few key exercises to keep people happier at work.

The Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) at Sydney University is setting up a training centre specifically aimed at the food and beverage supply chain.

French engineers are working towards a future where circuitry is not set in stone (or silicon), but can reconfigure itself on command.

Australia’s top national science agencies say looming climate change will hit the nation hard, and the chance to do anything about it is slipping away.

An international study has found that girls outperform boys in educational achievement worldwide.

A recent study found the risk of a rare brain tumour doubled among women using hormonal contraception, including the pill, for five years or more.

A new study suggests simple communication tools can help many patients on ventilators.

Nature has long held the engineering secrets to power the future, and researchers are now looking to pinch another one – the power of self-assembly.

Researchers have found five genetic variants that could play a big role in brain development, educational and psychiatric conditions.

Maths. Robots. The Internet. If you are still reading, QUT’s newest online course may be right up your cyborg alley.

On a casual night in the lab, an Australian PhD student has picked up a flash of radio waves from a few billion years ago.

A new research project will plot the effects of climate change on a very rare local aquatic creature.

News Corp reports say that Abbott Government may sacrifice up to $2 billion in budget savings - scrapping proposed cuts to gain support for university deregulation.

A study in which 6 people reported their own observations of wind turbine effects is being used as an argument against the wind energy industry.

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