In a world first, a drone fitted has streamed a live video seeking and identifying crocodiles at an accuracy of 93 per cent and a latency of less than one second.

A patient in the US has become the first to receive a high-tech new heart valve developed in Australia.

Experts say salt shakers should carry tobacco-style health warnings.

The TGA is enhancing its regulations on all breast implants and tissue expanders sold in Australia over cancer fears.

Archaeologists have discovered Bronze and Iron Age infants were probably fed animal milk in specialised vessels.

High-tech methods have helped preserve a centuries-old Aboriginal tree carving.

Most people appear to believe that environmental sustainability will hamper quality of life.

A new study has found blind people use the visual part of their brain for hearing instead.

Scientists have decoded the DNA of coral and its microscopic supporters.

CSIRO has published the first ever estimate of commercial fishing gear lost in the world’s oceans.

Experts say the revolving door between politics and big lobbies can be bad for our health.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has boldly avoided a global climate summit, spending time with the McDonald’s burger menu instead.

Leading robotics firm Boston Dynamics has released its first commercial product – Spot.

There is a glaring and growing gap between global warming targets and reality.

Artificial intelligence is helping to detect sepsis in Sydney emergency departments.

Antimicrobial resistance among farmyard chickens and pigs is on the rise globally, with China and India particular hotspots for growing resistance.

Thirteen Australian institutions have been recognised this week for their efforts to improve gender equity and diversity.

Australian researchers have developed a new method to detect microplastics in the ground using infrared light and powerful visualisation software.

A new study has found no increase in the rate of brain cancer in Australians aged over 60 that can be linked to mobile phone use.

Australia will spend $150 million to get involved in America's planned mission to the Moon and then Mars.

The drone strike on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure has highlighted the fragile and interconnected relationship between crude oil supply and the global economy, experts say.

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