US scientists have shown activity in lab-grown mini-brains for the first time.

Questions have been asked about the ability of Australia’s new space agency to create jobs.

A slip in NAPLAN results has added to calls for reform.

La Trobe University is pushing to become Victoria's first carbon-neutral tertiary facility.

Scientists have uncovered what they say is a new threat from ocean acidification.

A new Federal Government taskforce will look at Chinese influence at Australian universities.

Australian researchers have patented a new invention to prevent the spread of pollutants from contaminated concrete.

Experts say we are all drinking microplastics, and cannot tell if they are making us sick.

Australia's renewable energy boom allows it to leapfrog nuclear power, a new report says.

The Great Barrier Reef is set to receive a restocking of new coral from a 150sq km pumice raft on its way to our shores.

Research engineers have used laser printing technology to produce waterproof e-textiles in minutes.

An international review has found Australian regions with coal-fired power stations are among hot spots for sulphur dioxide pollution.

A study at two aged care homes suggests brushing teeth twice a day could save lives.

Researchers have turned living cells into computers, using DNA for information processing and storage.

Experts have warned of a “catastrophic” downturn in Chinese students at Australian universities.

Australia's Defence Force wants to install technology in Antarctica, but the Antarctic Treaty explicitly bans military activity.

Queensland researchers say longline fisheries around the world are significantly affecting migrating shark populations.

The South Australian government is lifting its moratorium on growing GM food crops.

Researchers have mapped out the risk of wave damage in a changing climate.

Australian scientists may have been the first to witness the end of a neutron star as it was engulfed by a black hole.

Experts say producers must cut antibiotic use in animals for the sake of human health.

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