The end of the financial year this week has seen the closure of a number of Co-operative Research Centres, bringing an end to important projects such as the Future Farm Industry CRC in WA.

A printer that prints organs made of human tissue has been enhanced by an international research effort.

Nano-engineers keep finding Nano-engineers keep finding new uses for ‘nanoribbons’, and a recent research project makes the tiny strips much easier to uses for ‘nanoribbons’, and a recent research project makes the tiny strips much easier to create.

Optogenetics - using light to turn neurons on and off - is one of the most intriguing and rapidly-expanding fields of medicine, and recent efforts may have brought the treatment to a new level.

Pressure to conform to particular body types is well-known among  girls, but a new study shows boys are subject to some of the same ideals and influences when it comes to becoming a man.

Facebook is being criticised for a mass emotional manipulation experiment conducted on unwitting users.

A new project could make ‘selfies’ the diagnostic tool of the future.

A paralysed man has been able to move his hand for the first time in years, using the power of his mind and some cutting-edge technology.

An international research project has shown how important basic nutrition is, with authorities adding new links between poor diets and a list of chronic diseases.

Staff rallies will continue as CSIRO fights to preserve its ranks.

A NSW Legislative Assembly will look into accusations that the state’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) covered up the extent of coal dust pollution.

A giant robotic “ladybird” has been awarded for its contribution to the future of farming.

Australian and Chinese researchers will come together at new sites dedicated to advanced 3D-printing.

Fish have the same emotional and mental capabilities as other vertebrates, yet they do not get anywhere near the same regard from most humans.

A pair of high-tech gloves could help people learn how to read and write Braille, and they won’t have to pay too much attention.

One of the world’s best-known companies will buy a power outfit for over $17 billion.

A new set of guidelines is aimed at preparing healthcare workers for the next generation of diagnostic treatments.

The Federal Education Department has put up $5 million in grants for a series of important projects.

Researchers in the US have been investigating just what an assessor should look for when they are evaluating teachers.

Australian scientists will look inside the brain for physical evidence of gambling addiction, with the launch of an important research project.

While they are well-received by the mainstream population, flowers have been bugging evolutionary biologists since Darwin, but a new study may soon end the mystery.

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