It appears that Nobel Prizes are being unequally awarded across scientific fields.

The Federal Government is beginning to grant visas to international students to lift struggling university sector.

The Australian Academy of Science will this week tell a Senate committee that Australia must deal with extreme weather events much more effectively.

The Federal Government has not modelled whether charging more for humanities will work.

There is an alarming inequity of Aboriginal water rights in NSW.

A new study has again shown that fluoridated water is linked to fewer cases of severe tooth cavities.

Scientists have discovered a 100-million-year-old bacteria living under the South Pacific seafloor.

A new report has found recent Queensland flooding had minimal impacts on the Great Barrier Reef.

A comprehensive study of vaccine safety has concluded, once again, that vaccines are ‘remarkably safe’.

A remote patch of WA scrubland has been added to the National Heritage List in order to protect some truly ancient crystals.

There are calls for an inquiry into how Shine Energy secured a $4 million grant for a coal plant study.

An Italian surgeon has successfully performed remote surgery on a cadaver 15 kilometres away.

New modelling of World War II typhus infections reveals how public health interventions eradicated the disease.

Australian researchers are looking at the new data required for the next age of transport.

The human gut is known as the ‘second brain’, and scientists are discovering how it communicates.

Some of Australian biggest companies are coming together to work towards net zero emissions in their supply chains.

Researchers in WA have unexpectedly discovered a new way to make an essential material for lithium ion batteries.

Researchers have discovered new materials that can conduct protons, which could be key to next-generation hydrogen fuel cells.

New research suggests many older Australians are drinking at risky levels, and the wealthy are drinking more than most.

Adelaide University’s vice-chancellor Peter Rathjen has been under investigation for alleged misconduct, and has now resigned due to ill health.

A local researcher is pushing for Australian schools and universities to increase their emphasis on teaching creativity.

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