APRA says it may take regulatory action to force the finance sector to respond to climate change.

A new report has painted a disturbing picture of heavy drinking and sexual harassment at elite colleges.

Leases have been signed at what could be the site of Australia's first commercial space centre.

Sea Shepherd Australia has released confronting footage of a Japanese whaling operation after a five-year legal battle.

Scientists are working on an innovative coral transplant project as part of efforts to find new weapons in the fight against reef damage.

Coal-fired power is having its “Kodak moment”, according to ...

Scientists have miniaturised an essential quantum computing component.

A new study has shown that in Australia, a relatively low proportion of male escorts are hired by women.

A new digital system has been launched with the ambitious goal to change the way Australia’s mental health care system operates.

Researchers are working on ways to ‘deprescribe’ elderly patients.

Australian researchers have helped measure how Earth absorbs the very highest energy neutrinos ...

Australia has played host to a robotics summit focussed on dealing with nuclear waste in the future.

RMIT has called for all universities to consider a blanket ban on sex between faculty members and students.

Researchers say they have found proof that the sugar industry withheld evidence of the health effects of sucrose nearly 50 years ago.

A landmark investment has been made in research to prevent and treat cardiometabolic diseases.

A demonstration facility to produce biofuels and other renewable chemicals from crop and forestry wastes has been funded.

The Bureau of Meteorology has put Australia on a La Nina alert, the level just before an official La Nina.

Charles Sturt University has switched on a 6,000-panel rooftop solar system.

Australian researchers have discovered details of the dating lives of dolphins.

Australian researchers are studying why animals are they size they are.

Researchers have studied how a particular clay mineral can create huge underground oceans.

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