The Federal Government says it has the education sector’s support for efforts to improve admissions.

Researchers say chimpanzees are five times more likely to cooperate than compete.

Geo-scientists say it is possible to measure greenhouse gas emissions from power plants by checking the grass outside.

New appointments to a backbench environment committee are causing a stir.

Scientists’ interests have been piqued by a “strong signal” detected by a radio telescope in Russia that scans for signs of extraterrestrial life.

Harvard engineers have created what they called the world’s first entirely ‘soft’ robot.

Biomedical engineers say the world needs a better standard for sunglasses.

The largest ever sleep apnoea study has found that CPAP treatments can significantly improve quality of life and mood.

Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) staff nationwide are beginning a fortnight of industrial action.

Danish politicians are heading to Nauru to do what Australian politicians cannot.

Humans appear to have slowed down the rate at which they are destroying the planet.

Researchers have sequenced the genomes of the animals used to make the clothing of a 5,300-year-old mummy.

Elephant seals have helped confirm that fresh water from Antarctic’s melting ice shelves affect global temperatures.

Scientists in New South Wales are trying to feed people algae ...

“There’s an app for that!” ...

Swedish researchers are challenging the idea of ‘healthy obesity’.

Australian researchers have set a new record for solar power generation.

Creative and emotional intelligence will be the keys to robot-proofing the workforce...

A new study has looked at just how genetically different we all are.

Simon Birmingham says higher education providers are acting like “petulant toddlers” ...

Scitech - Western Australia's leading science education centre – is moving in next to the new WA Museum.

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