A piece of equipment from one of mankind’s most astounding technological achievements has been sold at auction.

European scientists claim to have teleported quantum information across a three metre space.

There has been some concern about the effectiveness of a program designed to improve the quality and range of experienced staff in the teaching sector.

While plenty of other creatures are intelligent – humans seem to have unique skills when it comes to brain power.

When trying to change long-held ideas about the world, language is everything.

Despite efforts to avoid it, millions of dollars in budget cuts will force CSIRO to close down several sites for world-leading research.

Australian researchers are contributing to an incredible scientific effort – creating the world’s first-ever synthetic complex organism.

Researchers have released ground-breaking findings to dismiss a common theory of biodiversity, and could change the way some environments are managed.

An inactive life may contribute more to the risk of heart disease than smoking, obesity and high blood pressure, research suggests.

A new study of the way bacteria spread amongst possums could shed light on human epidemics.

FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil next month will have a particularly high-tech start, as the first ball of the world’s biggest sporting event is kicked by a paralysed teen in a robotic exoskeleton.

A new finding could add value to Australian iron, and reduce the need for rare-earth mineral mining.

Bio-engineers have developed a way to use molecules of DNA like scaffolding to build entirely new structures.

Just like our bodies, individual cells have a skeletal structure to keep them safe and in the proper shape, but until recently it was almost impossible to have a proper look at it.

A new study has shown extra levels of complexity in the way sound and vision tell us about the world.

Environmental group Friends of The Earth is pushing for a ban on food products containing nanomaterials.

Mice with mohawks have thrown new light on the nature and development of autism in the brain.

University students continue to vocalise their discontent at planned uni fee hikes, and now one senior academic has changed sides on the debate.

Young people are being swayed by the “relaxing” and “fun” image of a dangerous smoking device, and researchers say it must be addresses in order to cut future addictions.

Some leading figures in the Australian research community say the $20 billion “medical research future fund” is a good idea, but will not work unless the policy-makers start listening to scientists.

The world’s polluted atmosphere means plants are becoming less nutritious, and risk losing some key ingredients altogether.

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