Building giant Boral has denied excavating Aboriginal relics from its quarry.

Researchers are coming up with new ways to harvest the unused solar energy that illuminates a solar panel.

The Queensland Government has put up a $5 million medical research grant for dust lung disease.

Mathematicians say they might be able to predict and quickly detect bushfires caused by powerlines.

The Victorian Government has funded a new COVID-19 biobank.

A new study links depressive symptoms to rapid kidney function decline.

Engineers are using an inverted 3D-printing method to produce new body parts.

Some of Australia’s finest technological minds may soon be out of work.

A group of Australian teenagers has had a breakthrough in their climate change class action case against the Commonwealth.

Universities Australia is preparing a major survey on student safety on campus.

There are roughly 50 billion individual wild birds in the world, according to a new big data study.

Australian experts are on a new mission to increase the use of hydrogen fuel.

Mouse infestations are knocking the hopes of farmers in NSW.

Gene modification therapy has been used to partially restore the vision of a blind patient.

Australia’s top scientists say one of the nation’s oldest industries is key to some of its newest endeavours.

The world has a new largest iceberg after a giant chunk broke off Antarctica.

Researchers say a good decision-maker does not have to be the smartest one in the room.

Researchers in Finland say eco-friendly chemicals can actually improve mineral processing.

New research suggests contamination from nuclear tests at Maralinga could be worse than previously thought.

The G7 has agreed to stop financing coal projects by the end of 2021.

Australian researchers have discovered a gene that appears to drive one of the main aspects of Alzheimer’s disease.

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