US researchers are working on infinitely recyclable plastic.

The CEFC has given $5 million in support for a company that makes energy-saving thermostats.

The new Gonski report says Australia's school curriculum should be changed to focus to individual student achievements.

Six people with severe spinal cord injuries have regained the use of their hands and fingers through a non-invasive spinal stimulation technique.

NBN Co has announced major collaborations with the University of Melbourne (UoM) and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

The Federal Government has put up $70 million for a “next generation” supercomputer.

A mind-bending physics experiment has demonstrated quantum entanglement in massive objects.

Australian researchers have developed a state-of-the-art sensor that can detect signalling molecules in the living brain.

Australian researchers have identified a new DNA structure that has never before been directly seen inside living cells.

The chief scientist has described Australia’s university admissions test as “outdated” and “largely irrelevant”.

Ten Australian birds and seven mammals are likely to become extinct over the next twenty years ...

New research shows sea ice can trap large amounts of microplastics and transport them across the Arctic Ocean.

A new centre dedicated to advanced medical 3D-printing has been launched this week.

A new report looks at the challenges for safety and workers’ compensation from new technologies and ways of working.

A British man’s ‘super-gonorrhoea’ has been cured, but two more cases have popped up in Australia.

Twiggy Forrest has launched a universal database for cancer patients to share their medical records.

The Queensland Government is keeping facial recognition software installed for the Commonwealth Games in place, but will not say when it will be used.

A CSIRO firm has secured funding for its advanced video telehealth platform.

Engineers have made a new oil spill sponge out of common waste products.

Research shows that without further interventions, the gender gap in STEMM is very likely to persist for generations.

Decades of data shows marine heatwaves have increased in number, length and intensity as a result of warming oceans.

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