A new study suggests parents' responses to failure, not their beliefs about intelligence, are absorbed by their kids.

Spanish scientists have created human sperm from skin cells.

Scientists say they have developed a computer algorithm that can accurately tell whether a person is happy or sad, angry or expressing almost any other emotion.

The CSIRO has unveiled its formal restructuring plans, which include more than 275 job cuts.

Over the last 30 years, increased carbon dioxide has boosted plant growth by an amount equal to twice the size of Australia.

Some of Australia’s top hackers have turned their programming prowess to fish conservation.

Researchers need funding, but what if they take money from a major contributor to the problem they are researching?

An epigenetic study has shown HIV infection ages the body by about five years.

Scientists have used ‘mini-brains’ grown in the lab to test the effects of the Zika virus.

Australian school students will be probed to find out what makes them tick, and learn.

Research has found that sixty thousand Australian students will not receive the recommended number of preschool hours.

Australia's leading scientists are concerned that the CSIRO will lose millions of dollars in international grants.

Tech giant Intel has undertaken a ‘restructuring initiative’, which consists largely of sacking 12,000 workers.

Coral bleaching has been discovered in Sydney Harbour, while the Great Barrier Reef worsens.

Engineers have unveiled what could be the next big thing in oil spill cleanup.

Another day, another baby step on the path to quantum computing.

The anti-vax movement has not broken through.

New figures show the value of Australia's natural wealth has nearly doubled.

The human brain was developed largely for the purpose of not being eaten, but it can now do so much more.

Nanostructured, gel-based batteries could soon be made on a commercial scale.

Evidence has been found of coral bleaching on Western Australia's Kimberley coast.

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