Yamaha’s new motorcycle-riding robot has called out nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi.

The Australian Academy of Science has become the latest major institution to offload its fossil fuel investments.

The Rosetta mission has made the surprising discovery that there is oxygen on Comet 67P, around which the ESA probe is orbiting.

Whether we’re drinking, downing, sinking, sipping or slamming it – alcohol is a big part of Australian culture.

Junk mail promotes junk food – that is the finding of a new study into the health benefits of the most heavily-promoted foods in supermarket catalogues.

An international team of experts have devised a method that allows countries to choose their own method of ‘fair’ emissions cuts, to help them create a roadmap to end climate negotiation gridlock.

Experts are trying to destroy the myth of ‘bird brains’ - arguing that Australian birds are both cognitively and emotionally more intelligent and complex than many assume.

Experts have discovered a new breed of consumer stalking aisles across the country – the ultra-competitive ‘sport shopper’.

British engineers have unveiled the world’s first sonic tractor beam – a device that can lift and move objects using sound waves.

Advanced equipment at a new research facility launched this week will allow scientists to better understand the relationship between the wind, ocean and sky.

Australian bio-engineers have discovered two new methane-eating organisms that could help clean up anything from gassy coal operations to cattle farms.

Australia has a new chief scientist, in a move some say will open up debate about nuclear energy.

Scientists have identified two of Earth’s favourite complex organic molecules – sugar and alcohol - on a comet for the first time.

Road safety researchers are using videos posted online by drowsy drivers to study the effects of sleepiness on driving.

Neuro-engineers have successfully enabled an almost entirely paralysed person to control a tablet PC with her brain.

A decision by the Canadian government could mean Australia’s 70 F-35A jets cost $100 million more.

A massive research program has identified nearly 1,500 genes associated with aging.

Researchers are using virtual-reality gear to find out where addiction comes from.

A Queensland team has become the first Australian squad to cross the line and complete the gruelling 3,000 km Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

The human brain is a majestic and mysterious thing, about which we still know very little.

The Federal Government has ditched a plan to pay $4 million for a climate change research centre headed by Bjorn Lomborg.

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