New guidelines and a smartphone app are aimed at preventing and managing hearing loss in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Authorities say more efforts are needed for a smooth transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

A flood of renewable energy could render five of Australia’s coal plants unviable in just a few years.

Federal funding has been provided for a new system that repurposes old electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

Researchers say an estimated 2,530 cancer diagnoses were delayed or missing during the COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria.

Seafloor phonelines have been used to detect seismic activity.

Researchers have taken a big step toward molecular-scale electronics.

Teens are more likely to be bullied by their friends than classmates they do not know well, according to a new study.

Satellite imagery shows the effect of removing dingoes from the landscape.

First Nations people share less than 1 per cent of the Murray-Darling water market.

An Australian lab-based meat company has secured US$6 million in seed funding.

Researchers say that restricting longwall mining in Sydney’s drinking water catchment protects upland swamps.

Vision has been released of the dramatic moment NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on Mars.

A new study shows that without nature, humanity may drown in its own filth.

Research engineers say disposable face masks could be recycled to make roads.

A new study has found serious pollution in the Bremer River, which runs through Ipswich.

Scientists have used bio-engineered cells to regenerate muscle fibre.

Research shows closer links between pharmacists and GPs can reduce emergency room presentations.

A poor diet during pregnancy may lead to obesity in kids.

The United States has officially re-joined the Paris Climate Agreement.

Australia is among the countries consuming the highest amounts of ‘party’ drugs, according to wastewater samples taken from eight countries over the New Year period.

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