Engineers have unveiled an exciting advance in the field of 3D-printing, with a device that can print in 10 different materials.

Chief Defence Scientist Dr Alex Zelinsky has received the prestigious 2015 MA Sargent Medal from Engineers Australia.

A fascinating study has been published on the unique case of a woman who could not feel pain - until she gave birth.

The Australian government says merging the CSIRO’s digital productivity arm with National ICT Australia (NICTA) will “supercharge” local technological advancements.

A high-tech study has revealed that the human brain really does learn from failure.

A new industry-linked program is throwing students into the deep end of the foreign exchange market.

The Australian Government will spend $11.9 million for a two year project to revive and maintain Australia’s Indigenous languages.

Stephen Hawking has laid down his latest ideas on the nature of black holes.

Researchers are working on online tools to support parents during separation and divorce.

Eating organic foods may be good for personal gratification or Facebook posts, but new research suggests it may not be all the people think.

New Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data reveals women are dramatically underrepresented in leadership positions across business and public life, despite high levels of education.

Another study has reinforced the point that warming oceans will cause profound changes for marine species.

Deakin University experts are developing a pocket-sized psychologist.

3D-printing has already changed the face of manufacturing, and a new development will only add to the range of the exciting technique.

Australian researchers have for the first time caught a snapshot of immune cells working to defeat infection.

Australian engineers have found that the solid waste left over from wine-making could make a competitive biofuel.

In a time when a lot of public health knowledge comes from Dr Oz or WebMD, researchers have assessed the powerful role of media in the creation of patient expectations, especially for pregnancy and birth.

A study on self-directed learning in STEM subjects suggests students can get a boost by going it alone.

CSIRO could sell its Ginninderra field station.

A giant crane is placing an enormous saucer-shaped dish on its base at Canberra's Deep Space Communication Complex today.

Australian researchers have set a new record for generating hydrogen fuel with solar power.

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