West Australia’s Aboriginal heritage laws are under fire after one of the world’s oldest and largest collections of rock art was deregistered as a ‘sacred site’.

Research shows there are physical differences in the brain between people with reading and writing disabilities.

The Productivity Commission says the practice of universities using international agents to draw in foreign students is a threat to the Australian system.

Scientists and other staff at the CSIRO are launching industrial action today over management's refusal to budge from the federal government's “hostile” bargaining policy.

A University of Sydney researcher has successfully tested a method for docking and refuelling drones in mid-air.

The University of Adelaide has issued a warning to underperformers as it embarks on efforts to boost its reputations.

Audi has produced a few litres of what they call the “fuel of the future”; a new brew for diesel consisting of water, carbon dioxide and 'green materials'.

Voting strictly on party lines means people very rarely know the real opinions of politicians, but one researcher says he may be able to find out.

Astrophysicists have created a 3D map spanning nearly two billion light years, the most complete picture of our cosmic neighbourhood to date.

Australian researchers have unveiled a device that can measure both the mass and the shape of a single molecule - a feat that was impossible until now.

Flinders University engineering students have unveiled ground-breaking new technology for detecting human life using remote cameras.

Australian engineers have created a full-colour 3D display, which appears to pop off the screen – basically, a hologram.

Chinese scientists have modified the genes of a human embryo, but say the technology is not ready yet.

An Australian expert says the current whooping cough vaccine is less effective than the drug it replaced, and may contribute to rising rates of the illness.

The University of Western Australia’s latest posting has caused some serious stirrings.

University students have voted to increase their own fees in order to boost mental health and wellness services.

April 22nd is Earth Day, a day when groups around the world mark the achievements and trials ahead in the quest to protect our environment.

Australian researchers have exposed the cost the battle of Gallipoli on the Turkish side, long after the dead were cleared from the historic beach.

Humans could not live without a body full of useful bacteria, but it appears that modern life may be killing off our microbial mates.

New research says Australia could go 100 per cent renewable, with a few good policies.

Experts have checked the possible effects of one method of carbon sequestration – injecting CO2 into aquifers.

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