Companies save money on acquisitions for each female board member doing the buying, a new study says.

Researchers have made up their minds on which part of the brain is most responsible for decision making.

Most parents are keen to find new tools that might allow their kids to succeed, but a new study says for parents of children with ADHD – some money can be better spent.

There are a truly ludicrous amount of ideas on the best teaching strategies, but a new study says trying to narrow it down to just one is not the way to go.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has defended its own existence, as the Federal Government continues its plan to shut-down the renewable-energy investor.

A new study has found children are often put back onto a sporting field after they suffer a concussion, and the trend could lead to serious long-term negative effects.

Australian researchers have looked to the great repository of innovation for their latest creation – pinching designs from nature to create exciting new materials.

The developed world most certainly has a weight problem, and Australia is no exception, but a new device could use our own internal mechanisms to turn the tide against fatty habits. 

A new system developed by University of Adelaide engineers can model and predict temperatures within a building, promising significant reductions in commercial energy use.

A study led by University of Sydney scientists has had a long look back at the Great Barrier Reef’s history, probing deepwater fossils for the natural wonder’s life story.

A new project has been launched to find out exactly how the values of people in rural areas are affected by land use conflicts caused by CSG drilling, wind farms, irrigation and agriculture.

Airborne pollutants do more than just accumulate over time – we now know they contribute to the make-up of storm clouds, creating more direct weather effects.

A group which has used a deceitful name to push an anti-scientific public health agenda will change its title.

A leading polymer chemist currently at Monash University has been awarded the 2013 Le Fèvre Memorial Prize by the Australian Academy of Science – the prize is in response to the researcher’s incredible work in the growing field of ‘molecular engineering’.

Biting at the heels of NASA’s latest launch, the space agency is preparing to send up a rocket to probe the atmosphere of Venus.

The Education Minister has announced a boost aimed to increase the number of postgraduate nurses, part of a $62 million investment pushing more people into degrees.

Artificial skin has been grown from stem cells in a world-first medical breakthrough.

Industry insiders reporting from the UN-sponsored climate change talks in Warsaw say the solutions to the energy market’s effect on the environment are already here.

Researchers have come up with an astounding new technique; using X-ray lasers to determine the molecular structure of proteins – without any prior knowledge of what they look like.

A new study has laid eyes on a particular influenza virus, looking for new ways to head off mutations at the pass. 

Australian waistlines are on the increase, and we’re fattening-up faster than nearly everyone else.

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