Some of Australia’s most advanced technology has been used to survey groundwater in NSW.

New technology could combat predatory cat behaviours in native environments.

A new study suggests cyclones are getting more intense.

Australian scientists have shed light on one of the greatest mysteries of the humble eel.

CSIRO research has linked Australia's forest fires to climate change.

Experts say the Sun may be a major source of water on Earth.

NASA has launched a test mission to defend planet Earth.

The Federal Government has officially picked a location for its planned nuclear waste dump.

Retiring the world's worst power stations could save six million lives.

NBN Co and CSIRO have issued a report on Australia’s big ‘work-from-home’ experiment.

Experts are working on better ways for countries to collaborate on carbon credits.

The world is reacting to the emergence of a new coronavirus variant.

A new report finds women are losing their jobs at a high rate due to endometriosis.

Researchers say doctors should be cautious about prescribing vaping to help quit smoking.

Progress has been made on a hydrogen development deal with Germany.

The Morrison Government says it will ‘unmask’ anonymous internet users.

A new facility has been created to provide standardised testing of robotics.

The next president of the Australian Academy of Science has been selected.

The Federal Government has a new plan for universities to boost their bottom lines.

Regulators say they will not stop the merger of two major anti-plagiarism firms.

New research upends old assumptions about the high death rate of babies in ancient societies.

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