New research suggests school lunches could boost students’ health.

From using tools to texting, opposable thumbs have been a big hit with humanity, and new research may have uncovered just when these dexterous digits evolved.

UNSW vice-chancellor Ian Jacobs has announced his resignation.

Experts are working on new privacy tools to protect government databases.

Most countries have not embraced one of the most powerful tools in the fight against COVID-19.

The Victorian city of Warrnambool has linked with a Swedish counterpart to work on a solar-to-hydrogen technology exchange.

Researchers have developed new graphene-based water filters.

Australian scientists have discovered a new way to make the invisible visible.

Marine microalgae are being used to sustainably produce plant-based ‘meat’.

ANU researchers have achieved a world record in perovskite solar cell efficiency.

Experts expect global demand for cancer surgery is set to surge.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has launched a $5 million project to drive down emissions from the agriculture sector.

Australia is set to sign up to new agreements that will require it to integrate climate and pricing risks in its investments.

Scientists are working on a new way to continuously monitor changes in the body.

Diamonds could be the key to future communication security.

Researchers say they may have found one of the world’s earliest forms of standardised currency.

Researchers are trying to find out why women live longer than men.

A study of comments by Silicon Valley elites finds the top 100 see the world in similar meritocratic, self-affirming and self-serving terms.

Education Minister Alan Tudge says it will be “very difficult” to get many foreign students back this year.

The SA Government says it will send a locally manufactured satellite into orbit.

The humble lobster may hold the key to making concrete stronger.

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