Researchers have found a set of human genes that could explain our giant brains.

An artificial intelligence system has beat experienced dermatologists at diagnosing skin cancer.

Researchers have reviewed the difference in climate change impacts for wealthy and poor nations.

Experts say toxin-producing microalgae could be rafting its way to Australia.

Researchers have mapped the death and rebirth of the Great Barrier Reef.

A global study has found dusty, dry riverbeds can become carbon emitters when the water starts flowing again.

Australian physicists have helped draw up designs for a flux capacitor.

Scientists say there is no evidence that vitamin or mineral pills protect against or help to treat heart disease.

Experts say men diagnosed with ‘low risk’ prostate cancer are not being followed up properly.

Researchers are testing swallowable devices that can monitor gut health in real time.

New research suggests graphic cigarette-style warnings on junk food packaging would be a good deterrent to consumers when deciding what to eat.

A new program launched this week aims to improve young people’s unhealthy lifestyle behaviours.

Universities are studying how important high school mathematics study is for success in tertiary-level science courses.

Australian researchers have studied the link between severe respiratory infection and the development of asthma.

New studies show the wildly disproportionate effect humans have had on life on Earth.

A new finding by Australian researchers could change our understanding of the history of the ocean.

Experts have reviewed the impact of human-driven climate change on freshwater reserves around the world.

The World Bank says global carbon markets are back from the brink of collapse.

New research suggests the digital mining of virtual coins has a very tangible cost.

New studies say more than a third of people have high blood pressure but many are unaware they have it.

The Department of Health is looking at new ways to allow scientists to collaborate on public health research, using blockchain encryption.

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