Scientists have known for years that there is water inside the moon, and they now say they know where it comes from.

Murdoch University has announced a five year research alliance to develop projects in the field of medicinal cannabis.

All references to Australia have been removed from a UN report on climate change, due to fears for the Great Barrier Reef’s reputation.

An innovative new flood gate design but Queensland students is on its way to mass production.

The Queensland University of Technology and the Queensland Government are joining forces to get driverless cars on the road.

One local engineer says he has the solution for dodgy internet coverage in the bush.

Imagine a cell that can monitor health from inside the body.

A patient in the US has been diagnosed with an infection resistant to the strongest antibiotics.

Engineers have unveiled an interesting new body chemical sensor.

Scientists have seen tiny hints of a possible fifth force of nature.

Investigations of a French cave suggest Neanderthals were more industrious than previously thought.

Australian scientist Michelle Simmons has been awarded the prestigious Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology.

A new report offers a glimmer of hope to those managing the impact of bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

Research suggests plants are highly aware of the world around them.

Researchers say they have found ‘suggestive evidence’ for a link between air pollution and a heightened risk of stillbirth.

Builders may soon bring a global littering problem into the home, by making bricks out of cigarette butts.

Drone researchers have created an autonomous system that pushes the outer limits of extreme driving.

Researchers say current models underestimate the effect of burning the world’s remaining fossil fuels.

Research has shown the effectiveness of a medication used to treat a common cause of kidney failure, but also revealed some big risks.

Experts say most violent individuals do not have a clear mental illness, despite what gun lobbies claim.

New fossils suggest large multi-celled life appeared on Earth about 1 billion years earlier than previously thought.

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