Australian engineers are stealing some natural techniques to improve robotic flight.

While almost no-one is comfortable with the surprise presence of spiders or other creepy-crawlies, for some people a deep-held phobia can seriously affect lives.

CSIRO has set up an internal unit to tackle accusations of bullying and workplace harassment.

Energy labs in the US have reported a new material for generating hydrogen fuel, cutting the time and cost of the next-generation power supply.

New research adds to the weight of known risks from BPA, the controversial compound used in many plastic food and drink containers.

A recent survey has shown that a third of people struggle to cope at work because of depression or stress.

A team of chemical engineers is working on a way to reduce an entire water safety testing lab into a single pill.

Disney’s research arm has helped build a 3D-printer specifically for soft and cuddly creations.

Researchers are investigating whether coal seam gas (CSG) activity could be causing methane seeps in Queensland.

Researchers have discovered some interesting ways to influence a material that could be central to all electronics in the future.

A new approach to killing cancer does not attack tumours directly, but stifles them by cutting their blood supply.

A new innovation will add to the energy-saving potential of buildings, with the addition of technology to normally drab drapery.

As we move through our daily lives we may think we are fully aware of our surrounds, but there is plenty of information that the brain takes in but never brings to our full attention.

Researchers have used electrical pulses delivered from a cochlear implant to provide gene therapy, successfully regrowing auditory nerves for the first time.

A new genome editing platform has boosted the accuracy of a commonly-used sequencing method.

Australian engineers have come up with a new way of making lenses, which could turn any smart phone into a microscope.

A company in Europe is moving closer to its goal of creating a solar-powered plane that can fly indefinitely.

New findings will help in the individual diagnosis and treatment of autism, a condition which is known for its broad variations and difficulty to assess.

One Australian University will launch its first ever Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) today, and already has over 20,000 people waiting for the first lesson.

Writing with pen and paper is a more effective way to learn and retain information than typing on a computer, research has found.

Australian scientists have come up with a cheap and easy way to create colourful 3D scans using simple equipment.

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