A mysterious ‘space drone’ will touch down after orbiting the Earth for nearly two years.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has awarded one of its most prestigious honours, the Rose-Hunt Award.

Anthony Albanese has indicated Labor might have gone too far in supporting new laws to resict journalists, whistleblowers, and those who do not wholly agree with Australia’s national security actions.

Australian researchers have shown how two diseases which present in similar ways are in fact very different.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Australia still cannot send nurses or aid workers to Ebola-affected parts of Africa because there is no evacuation plan.

Archaeologists have found what could be the world’s oldest artwork.

Some doctors are working to end the links between GPs and big pharmaceutical companies, which are known to flood the industry with incentives to prescribe their products.

Australia could have much to learn from reforms to New Zealand’s higher education sector.

One of Australia’s least-recognised national assets is gaining a big reputation on the cutting edge of international science.

One big Australian university is getting rid of its investments in mining companies.

While government figures seem to provide bad news with few solutions, CSIRO is looking to build a future for Australian manufacturing.

An Australian dingo expert will see how one of our top predators stacks up against big killers of other environments.

Reports from a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) project show what could be an effective way to reduce lead levels in blood.

New tests have re-affirmed some classic points of physics.

A new imaging technique could detect damage invisible to current acoustic imaging.

An environmental finance group has put out a discussion paper to define a style of building with strong links to nature.

Tech giant Microsoft has posted a demonstration of its latest development – turning an entire room into a gaming surface not unlike the holodeck from Star Trek.

The Australian Government has put up another $10 million to help the fight against Ebola in West Africa, while experts calculate the ongoing needs and risks in the deadly outbreak.

A storm of internet activism is rising against the Australian Government’s attempt to force the mandatory retention of telecoms data.

Another exciting medical development has blurred the lines between real life and Star Trek.

A team in the US has reported some success in the quest to create the next generation of specifically-targeted, individually-customised antibiotics.

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