Australia punches well above its weight in terms of research outcomes, a habit highlighted by the release of the Ten of the Best Research Projects 2013 report.

The Federal Government has released a report on the financial situation of the country’s universities.

The advertising game is often one of subtlety, suggestion and subliminal messaging – other times the formula is just to place a scantily-clad person next to the thing you want to sell, but research at the University of Queensland is investigating whether sex really is the best way to make a sale.

This time of year means graduation for many students, and in the case of an honours graduand from ANU, brings the chance to change the world some more.

New Zealand’s kiwi bird may join a list which includes pavlova, Weetbix, Crowded House and Russell Crowe – all things Australia liked so much it pinched them from its neighbour.

Australia’s ecology is littered with tricksters, shysters and con-artists; according to a new report.

A new weapon has been added to the citizen scientist’s arsenal, with the launch of a tool that allows anyone to find black holes in deep space from the comfort of an armchair.

Typically associated with arid, dry desert conditions, Western Australia’s Pilbara region is actually home to a unique set of aquatic life – the topic of a new study by Murdoch University.

Many will be intimately aware of the compounding effect of a snorer sleeping on their back, but researchers in Adelaide are conducting trials of a new pillow that could silence the annoyance.

A new device under development in Victoria will enable surgeons to fix broken bones by drawing on them.

Researchers are working on a way to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using some special nanoparticles and light.

Recent investigations have shown the incredible potential of an extremely common material, suggesting simple cellulose may have a strong future.

Recent developments in nanophotonics are being used by Macquarie University researchers to create a new generation of programmed crystals.

One day a selfie might save your life.

Three students have taken first place in a computer competition which required teams to write code for 24 hours straight.

A video game controller that allows people with limited use of their hands to play the latest games has won a design award in South Australia.

Some Australian researchers are beaming with pride to see their little one grow up – scientists in Queensland have guided stem cells to grow into a baby kidney.

New research suggests that studying music has very little impact on a child’s general intelligence, with a finding that could spell an end to French horn lessons around the world.

‘Bitcoin’ has been named word of the year by the Australian National Dictionary Centre (ANDC), marking the mainstream landing of the decentralised digital currency.

An astral drive-by has provided new footage of something we all take for granted – the orbit of the moon around Earth.

A new study has determined how big an eruption occurred last time Mount Gambier blew its lid, and how bad it might be if the Australian volcano fired off again.

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