Pacific nations do not want Australia to use carry-over credits to meet climate change commitments.

China is being hampered in its push to control the summit of the Antarctic ice sheet.

Almost half of Australia’s coastal habitat-forming ecosystems show signs of damage from ‘extreme climate events’.

Scientists say they may be able to restore WA’s Pink Lake to its famous bubblegum hue.

About one-quarter of oceanic shark habitat is actively fished, leaving sharks with limited places to hide from longlines and nets.

The HILDA survey suggests conditions are not improving for most Australians.

US researchers have printed liquid-metal circuitry on rose petals, leaves, paper and even jelly.

Recent warming events have been unmatched in the past 2,000 years, according to international and Australian researchers.

Federal funding has been provided to support 13 new dementia research projects.

Researchers say it is becoming easier to identify individuals from anonymised data.

The Australian Academy of Science has had a look at the typical Australian diet.

Experts say Australian miners have shifted about $1.1 billion in profit out of Africa in just one year.

Australia has been named as a ‘best practice’ country when it comes to smoking laws.

Research shows most of the videos about geo-engineering on YouTube do not reflect the scientific consensus and propagate popular conspiracy theories.

Genetics papers are being retracted at a rate 8 times higher than any other life sciences, due to an increase in copycats.

The NSW Government has defended education grants that its own treasury finds “unlikely” to provide value.

New independent MP Zali Steggall is calling for a nationwide climate emergency declaration – a push already undertaken by dozens of local governments.

Research has revealed that our galaxy cannibalised a neighbouring one 10 billion years ago.

Australian researchers have unveiled a new, solar-powered water-purifying device ...

Drought and climate change are driving high water prices in the Murray-Darling Basin, according to one government economist.

The Health Minister says current measures are enough to counteract a private health system “death spiral”.

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