Contentious NAPLAN data was released this week amid argument about its validity.

The Australian designers of the world’s most precise clock have won a prestigious prize.

The Australian Academy of Science has welcomed the appointment of Karen Andrews as the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology.

Australian scientists are developing a new evolutionary tree for bacteria based on DNA.

A new study has attempted to replicate 21 social science research projects.

CSIRO has produced gold using a non-toxic chemical process without cyanide and mercury.

CSIRO has laid out a plan for Australia to maximise its role in the growing hydrogen industry.

The new PM has appointed an anti-wind energy minister, and a coal lobbyist as chief of staff.

An energy expert says Australia’s unclear power policies could lead to an expert brain drain.

A European study has linked certain personality traits with the likelihood of smartphone addiction.

The University of Adelaide is offering women-only academic jobs.

A new study has found a generational shift in the belief in the abilities of a god.

A remote research centre is looking to boost the use of the Kakadu plum.

A review has found feral cat exclosures have had a positive impact on local reptile populations in the NT.

A tiny Australian satellite has performed some big experiments.

A new study has added to be belief that marine heatwaves will get worse.

Old oil rigs and shipwrecks could help global coral populations flourish.

Citizen scientists from around Australia are helping to build a much better picture of the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

Australian engineers are working on a simple diagnostic kit for malaria that only requires water to use.

Experts say catastrophic failures of medical devices are “almost guaranteed” without key reforms.

A new report says taxpayers could be saved $1.5 billion if hospitals improved their safety.

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