Australian researchers have discovered that immune cells can act like tiny brains.

Thousands of people are being recruited for a $5.8 million national oral health study.

The Federal Government has launched legislation for cyber abilities that may not be possible.

New research suggests when people are generous, the brain areas linked with happiness light up.

Engineers in the US have invented gloves that can translate sign language into text.

The Federal Government has announced a review that could lead to the creation of an Australian space agency.

Research suggests commercial brain training apps mostly just improve the ability to play brain training apps.

An Australian study has found an expected effect of rising CO2 on plants may not work as expected.

The most complete database on how the climate has changed from 1 BCE to the present has been updated.

QUT research has produced a golden-orange fleshed banana, rich in pro-vitamin A, that could feed starving parts of the world.

New research has unveiled the details of a key Alzheimer’s protein.

Australian GPs are prescribing between four and nine times as many antibiotics for certain infections as they should.

Research says our desire to reduce inequality is not as strong as our desire to maintain social hierarchies.

Researchers have developed a way to detect and monitor human body language.

The idea of using a cancer patient's own immune cells to create a personalised vaccine is becoming reality.

Gonorrhoea is becoming much harder to treat, and sometimes impossible, due to antibiotic resistance.

North Queensland researchers have investigated the effectiveness of topical antibiotics, and want to know more about the adverse effects.

An interactive map of Aboriginal massacres has been launched.

The world has three years to turn the tide of carbon dioxide emissions, according to a group of scientists and environmental leaders.

Engineers have designed tiny robots to remove disease-causing bacteria ...

Australian scientists have designed a new nano-material that can reflect or transmit light depending on the temperature.

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