British researchers say ‘healthy’ obese people still have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Scientists have linked gut bacteria to anxiety disorders – bringing new meaning to the term ‘butterflies in the stomach’.

Researchers have probed the link between the Antarctic climate and Australian weather.

Researchers in the US have 3D-printed a scaffold to repair damaged ovaries.

Australia’s unique 'No Jab No Pay' and 'No Jab No Play' policies could have unintended consequences that need to be assessed, experts say.

Windows computers around the world have been hit by ransomware ...

ANU researchers are building a brain-on-a-chip – a system of circuits made out of brain cells.

Australia’s first printed solar demonstration site has opened.

Researchers have discovered 467 million hectares of previously unreported forest.

Experts say bacteria in mother’s breast milk may help to seed the infant gut.

A new project could help Australia become the home of high-purity hydrogen ...

UNSW scientists have pushed back the earliest known existence of inhabited terrestrial hot springs on Earth by 3 billion years.

Researchers have used new techniques to establish baseline coal seam gas datasets for the Richmond River ...

“Science has largely flown under the radar” in the new federal Budget, according to some leading researchers.

Researchers say they have solid proof that current mining operations are responsible for lead contamination.

The FWC says Murdoch University was justified in dismissing an employee who sent vicious expletive-laden emails to the ABS.

An irreplaceable set of plant specimens has been destroyed by Australian biosecurity officers.

A surgically-implanted heart device is being recalled.

For its first few hundred million years, the Earth was barren, flat and almost entirely under water, Australian scientists say.

The Federal Government has provided $500,000 to develop ‘smart windows’ for more energy efficient buildings.

Tim Flannery has warned against investing in “dying” fossil fuel industries.

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